Access the scan target with a browser and record the operation

Follow steps 1 through 4 to set up the AeyeScan Recorder.
1. Click on the AeyeScan Recorder icon.
2. Select the site type from PC and Mobile.
    PC: Emulates a PC browser and crawls the site.
    Mobile: Emulates and crawls the browser of a smart phone. Please make your selection on the dedicated website for smartphones.
・If there is a difference between the site type at the time of manual crawling and the site type set when creating a new scan, it cannot be imported.

3. Enter the Start URL.
4. Press the "Start" button to begin recording.
*Notes :
・Click on the "Start" button to reset all your browser history.

A new browser will open automatically, and you can use the opened browser.
・You cannot open new tabs or new windows while recording.
・Do not use browser buttons (back, forward, reload) as they will not record correctly.

*About email address linking
When entering email addresses in forms, etc., the email address to be entered is optional, but if you use the email address to be linked with AeyeScan Recorder, you will be able to scan for new registration and password reissue functions.

Operation Procedure
1. Click on the AeyeScan Recorder icon. 
2. Enter the email address displayed in the form. 
3. When the email is received, a dialog box will appear.
4. The contents of the email will be displayed in your browser.

Follow steps 1 through 3 to download the crawl data.
1. Click the "Stop" button.
2. Enter an arbitrary file name.
*The image is the default file name.
3. Click the "Save" button.

Upload recorded operations to AeyeScan for crawling and scanning

Create a new scan.
To create a new scan, please refer to "Step 3 Register Domain" and "Step 5 Register and run the scan" in the "First Time Users / Getting Started Guide".

Click on "Manual Crawl Import" to crawl the recorded operation.
Select Scan Details or Scan List>Hamburger Menu

Click on the "+ New Import" button to import the recorded operation.
You can create multiple Manual Crawl Import. You can also delete the data you have created.
Select Scan Details or Scan List>Hamburger Menu>Manual Crawl Import>Manual Crawl Import List

In steps 1 to 2, enter a Name (optional) and select the file from Manual Crawl Result.
Finally, click on the "Import" button to import the file with the recorded operations.
Performed by Scan Details or Scan List>Hamburger Menu>Manual Scan Import List>Manual Scan Results Import

In addition, if there is access to a domain that is not included in the target domain or crawl target domain during manual crawling, a list of domains will be displayed as shown below.

Please check the domains necessary for the transition to the target page and import them.

Once the file has been imported, the screen transition diagram will be displayed.

When the crawl is started, the screen transition diagram of the recorded operation will be displayed. 

This completes the manual crawl.If you want to record more than one crawl, please repeat this operation.
If you want to start scanning, please continue scanning.